Telzio – USA

Telzio provides cloud-based phone systems for business. The company contacted Atenga Insights to confirm and define its planned disruptive pricing strategy.

We measured how different prices affected willingness to pay in order to determine the optimal price point for Telzio’s services. We identified price walls and measured their severity for each service bundle. We also looked at demand versus value drivers in order to identify how Telzio should develop its value proposition.

Over the next 12 months after our recommendations, Telzio incrementally quadrupled its prices without losing overall client volume. The company also started to attract bigger customers. The company reported that, since implementing the new pricing scheme, revenue continued to grow faster every month. Telzio currently serves companies in 30 countries, with customers including Facebook, Airbnb, and Lyft.

Not only were we provided specific recommendations on pricing, but also on the most efficient way to differentiate ourselves in a commodity market to gain pricing power.

Peter Rank Schrøder, CEO, Telzio

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