IT, Business Services
Vitech Corporation, USA


Vitech Corporation is the market leader in project management software solutions. With a major product launch on the horizon, Vitech contacted Atenga Insights to help build a solid pricing strategy.

Solution & Results
We measured willingness to pay in our client very specific target markets to evaluate how different value messages, features and functions and pricing would affect willingness to pay. Product launch was very successful and generated corporate growth. Vitech Corporation’s clients include NASA, the US Department of Defense and many other government agencies in the US and abroad, as well as international industry groups like Siemens and Federal Express.

Atenga developed a detailed roadmap to help us build a solid pricing strategy. The research and recommendations provided went far beyond what we expected, providing critical insight into not only pricing strategy but messaging, sales, and product strategy as well.
David Long, Founder and President, Vitech Corporation

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