How do you find respondents and can I trust them?


We use survey panel companies to recruit respondents to complete the survey. These panel companies provide us with online databases of individuals who agreed to take online surveys for cash compensation. There are survey panel companies focusing on consumers and survey panel companies focused on specific B2B markets. These companies have a detailed understanding of each member in the panel, allowing us to focus recruitment on panel members with a specifically desired profile. These respondents are led through a number of qualification/disqualification questions at the beginning of the survey to further ensure that only respondents that meet the desired profile can complete the survey.

In post-processing we then use a number of processes to weed out respondents who do not answer the questions truthfully. Among respondents initiating the survey, typically 40% – 60% are disqualified by the qualification/disqualification questions and a further 10% – 15% disqualified by the post-processing. What remains is a statistically significant number of respondents that we can trust.

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