Who benefits from your services?

  • Companies that want to successfully raise prices for an existing product or service without losing customers.
  • Companies that are planning to expand their business into a new geographic region or country. Any new market will have a different willingness to pay and to buy dynamic for your product or service, and your new customers will buy for different reasons.
  • When your company introduces a new product or service into the marketplace, and you want to determine the right price—the price that will maximize profits or sales volume.
  • When you want to understand where you stand in relation to your competitors.
  • When you want to identify the most effective marketing messages and marketing channels for your product or service.
  • When you want to know which market segments/verticals have the highest willingness to pay for your product or service.
  • When you have an underperforming product or product line, and want to fix the problem. We help you discover what would drive customers to buy the product and at what price, enabling you to maximize your sales curve.
  • When you are considering an upgrade to your service and want to verify there is a need for it, and how much extra your customers are willing to pay for the upgrade.
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