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About Atenga Insights

Pricing strategy consultant

We do online market research combined with proprietary AI-enabled analysis specifically to measure willingness to pay. The results are precise actionable pricing recommendations as well as customer segmentation and accurate definition of the most effective marketing.

With the right price, our clients can stop leaving money on the table and sell to the most desirable customer with the most effective messages.

Our customers are B2B and B2C companies and organisations that want to improve their current process to set prices.


Our Story: A game-changing approach to pricing

Pricing can boost profits far more than increasing sales or cutting costs. Our unmatched process helps you set the right price every time, in record times and at a fraction of traditional industry rates.

Although pricing is the key to higher profits, setting the right price for a product or a service is often underestimated or left to chance, which leads to missed opportunities. As a remedy, sophisticated tools for pricing analytics & research have been developed, focusing on cost analysis, historical data and competitor’s pricing. This means many businesses cannot afford the specialized advice and such insights have been reserved to large consultancy groups with costly projects lasting several months.

The team behind Atenga Insights was already established pricing experts when they saw a gap in the industry. Combining world-class proprietary tools with deep market experience, they developed a ground-breaking method for predictive pricing which is fast, accurate and highly actionable. Our pricing consultant services have been valuable for clients across the globe. 

Rather than solely looking a past sales data, the method is a game changer. Clients obtain the exact price that will generate higher sales and profit as well as where the dangerous price walls are located. They will know exactly which product features, market and messaging will drive the best sales.

The founders goal is to focus on precise predictive pricing and make it available to businesses of all sizes, at a fraction of previous industry rates and delivery times. Together, they have started a complete disruption of the traditional pricing industry.

In Europe, where the company launched in the Spring of 2017, positive word of mouth has catapulted Atenga Insights’ client roster to several hundred companies including some of the largest corporations in Sweden. In the US, Atenga Insights is on a mission to bring that seachange to small and medium sized businesses and lead them to success. With clients in more than 40 countries all over the world the journey has just started.

Looking ahead

Many industries are changing, that is true for pricing consulting firm such as Atenga Insights. We are moving away from consulting and building our technology. The future is in automation, while keeping the accuracy.   

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Why the right price matters

Customers respond when the price is right! Rather than relying on gut feeling, we provide you with the hard data you need to price confidently when:

  • You are preparing to launch a new product/service;
  • You are entering a new market;
  • You need to benchmark a product/service in the market;
  • You are preparing a communication campaign;
  • One of your products/service is not performing as it should.


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Atenga Insights is a fast-growing, global company that is challenging the pricing consulting industry. Using our unique proprietary PDA™ technology, we identify the price and positioning that will generate higher sales and profits for our clients.