Predict Sales At Different Price Points.

Increase Revenue. Increase Profit. 

“Our margin has increased from 48% to 62% with no loss of sales volume.” Garment Manufacturer

“We have doubled our revenue since we implemented your recommendations, with no loss in sales volume.”
CEO, Parcel Handling Services

  • “With a new product category launch imminent, Atenga Insights told us how to price the entire family of products for maximum profitability and provided solid insights on where to focus our marketing, even outside our normal core market.”

    Dave Smidebush VP of Direct Sales and Marketing, ESCORT Inc.
  • “The project gave us the hard data we needed to bundle our new products along the lines of our customers' purchase preferences and willingness to pay.”

    Alison Copus VP Marketing, Trip Advisor Business Listings
  • “Atenga Insights have provided us with precise suggestions on how we can use pricing to increase both revenue and profitability. The report provided pinpointed the crucial points in a simple and clear way. "

    Robert Nordström Product Manager, Telge Energi
  • “Our revenue for the first 4 months was up 86%. Our new accounts are up 38%. Atenga Insights was a big help!”

    Russ Stinehour CEO & President, DigitalChalk
  • “I’ve made good decisions and I’ve made bad decisions, but hiring Atenga was one of the all-time great decisions I have made. ”

    Keith Marshall CEO, Proficient Audio Systems

Online market research that leads to precise, actionable pricing recommendations by key market segments, supported by AI.

Precise and actionable insights.
You will know how demand for a product or a service is affected by the price you charge; understand the price different customer profiles are willing to pay; understand how different features and messages affects the price you can charge. You will know the price that will generate the highest sales and revenue for your business.

Quick and outstanding value.
Our program just takes a few weeks and ROI is quick too.


Trusted by over 700 forward looking companies

Hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses have already selected us to find the right price and increase sales and revenue. 

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