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Our service packages for pricing strategies:

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Price walls
Understand your customer demographics
Customer segmentation
4 weeks delivery

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Price walls
Understand your customer demographics
Understand what your customers pay for
4 weeks delivery


Price walls
4 weeks delivery
Understand what your customer pay for

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Predictive pricing with a proven track record.

Hundreds of companies have chosen to work with us to price their products and services, with total customer satisfaction. Learn from their experience and find out how you can also increase your sales and profits.

Our Method

Bringing science to pricing: Predictive Demand Analysis™

Many companies leave money on the table because they do not set the best price, although it is the single most effective way to boost sales volume and profits. Our time-tested methodology, Predictive Demand Analysis™, guarantees a speedy process and precise pricing recommendations. 

Rather than looking at past historical data, we measure how future demand for a product or a service is affected by the price you charge; based on demographics, features and value messages. In a matter of weeks, you will get a detailed report of what customers in your total addressable market are willing to pay for your products and services, based on selected variables; and you will know the price that will generate the highest sales and profits for your business.

You will also identify the psychological price points where small price changes alter sales volume and revenue significantly, called price walls; and gain insights into how different aspects of your product, services and messaging affect customers’ willingness to pay. In fact, you will hold a data-derived go-to-market strategy that will ensure highest possible sales volume at the highest possible prices.

Our process consists of four steps:

The processes in depth

Data discovery - Interviews & Baseline Document

A project begins by capturing your internal perceptions of the important value drivers, purchase drivers, satisfaction levels and drivers, dissatisfies and price drivers that influence buying decisions in your marketplace. We will do this by interviewing (typically) 3 – 4 executives, and several marketing individuals and customer-facing individuals such as salespeople and customer support personnel from your company.
We document the result of the interviews in the Baseline Document. Not only does the Baseline Document cover your own company’s perception of your perceived values in the marketplace and that of your competitors, but it also reveals any discrepancies between the executive team, the marketing team and the sales force.
Just having the perceptions of your key staff documented can provide significant value, as these perceptions underlie most of the important decisions your company makes. Their views of the price drivers, values, attributes, strengths, weaknesses, competitors, value perceptions of your customers all serve to drive your product development, service definition, marketing, sales and pricing decisions. The Baseline Document correlates these internal perceptions; it gives you a window into your company’s consistency and ability to succeed in the marketplace.

Data collection - Research design

Rooted in the Baseline Document, Research Design is the custom-created instrument for online surveys and interviews. It expands on the issues in the Baseline Document, and follows the
“Customers’ and non-customers’ decision-making” and buying process to find out how the buyer perceives the same issues.
What really creates and enhances the marketplace’s perception of value
  • What enables customers to make a buying decision – (or not)
  • What drives customer loyalty, satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • What influences willingness to pay and how they decide among the various competitors and alternatives.
Your marketplace consists of customers, prospects, lost-business contacts, former customers, competitors and (possibly) channel partners. The market research is conducted for these groups. Research Design also profiles the respondent base and the characteristics of all the individuals who will be solicited for the survey.
Care is taken so that respondents cannot understand from the on-line survey or the interviews who the sponsor is – you remain anonymous. Only when anonymity is guaranteed, will the data captured in the market research phase be true and trusted. 

Understanding the willingness to pay 

Pricing Research is where the value perceptions and drivers, decision drivers, the decision landscape, brand loyalty, price elasticity, satisfaction drivers, willingness to pay, is captured. It uses online surveys and personal interviews to gather data on:
  • How your company is perceived in the marketplace
  • How your competitors are perceived
  • How various segments of the marketplace prioritize the problems your company solves and what they are willing to pay for solutions to these problems.
As the research is conducted anonymously and the research subjects never know for whom the research is conducted for, features and functions of the product or service, and your company, are abstracted into attributes and factors.
The research extends beyond a company’s contact list. It reaches out to the entire marketplace. So not only are your customers and prospects surveyed, but also individuals who may have had no prior contact (or knowledge of) your company.

Recommendations - Analysis

Using data from our research, proprietary data models and statistical analysis, we are able to determine, with a high degree of accuracy, the perceived value of a service, product or a product line. We gain in-depth customer insights; how your customer and non-customer may differ in their valuation of you and competitors, in their decision drivers, decision landscape, loyalty, satisfaction and dissatisfaction, perceptions, preferences and wiliness to pay. We call this a Perception Audit.
The Perception Audit provides the hard data to support important decisions about the 4 P’s of marketing: Place, Product, Promotion and Price. It is composed of findings, conclusions and recommendations. Findings are the truths about your marketplace, a clear, solid, science-based rendition of why customers buy from you, why they buy from your competitors, what would get them to switch, and what the levers are that control what they are willing to pay. Conclusions are what this means for you; what rational customer intelligence can be deducted from the findings. With conclusions, we are taking data and turning it into information. Recommendations are derived from our own business experience, best business practice, the findings and the conclusions, and, of course, the project objectives.

Growth - Implementation

Often we take our recommendations, the action plan developed in the workshop, and turn them into implementation services. Specifically, we support sales development with training and coaching for both sales people and sales management. We train sales people to increase closing rate, control the sales conversation and minimize discounting. We support sales management by providing tools that help manage their sales force more efficiently and better hold sales people accountable. For the benefit of both groups, we provide the most efficient sales messages derived from the market research and customer intelligence portion of the project.
We support marketing implementation by conducing marketing specific workshops to speed up the implementation of new or different marketing channels, messages and processes.

Why pricing strategies matter

Why use strategic pricing consultants?

Using a pricing consultant will help you to better understand the customer’s willingness to pay. When setting a price often we look at competitors or to our margins. But in reality these prices can vastly differ from what a customer is actually prepared to pay.

When you hire a pricing consultant you get a feel for the entire market, not only your existing customer and their willingness to pay. In this way you get the chance to increase your clientele and find new customers. Many times this could lead to you discovering new needs in your market and can develop additional products or features. 

Why do I need a pricing strategy when I can look at my competitors’ prices?

It’s true that you can review your competitors prices, most of the time this is easy to do. But when you only look at this you miss out on the potential revenue. It’s likely your competitors also do not know the maximal prices that people are willing to pay

When you look at your competitors’ retail prices, you cannot be sure that this is the final price they actually sell the service or commodity for. The price you see might merely be an illusion.

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