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Supporting business growth as a pricing consultant

Major multinationals and numerous innovative small and medium-sized businesses have chosen us to find the right price for their products and services. Our method has been proven in several hundred projects globally and across multiple sectors, with total customer satisfaction.

Learn from our clients experience and find out how you can also increase your sales and revenue with the help of a quality pricing consultant.

Trusted by over 700 companies globally

Case studies


Dave Smidebush - VP of Sales & Direct marketing

“With a new product category launch imminent, Atenga Insights told us how to price the entire family of products for maximum profitability and provided solid insights on where to focus our marketing, even outside our normal core market.”

Telge Energi

Robert Nordström - Product Manager

"Atenga Insights has given us precise suggestions on how we can use pricing to increase both revenue and profitability. The report highlighted the key points in a simple and clear way. "

Proficient Audio Systems

Keith Marshall - CEO

“I’ve made good decisions and I’ve made bad decisions, but hiring Atenga was one of the all-time great decisions I have made. ”

Trip Advisor Business Listings

Alison Copus - VP Marketing

“The project gave us the hard data we needed to bundle our new products along the lines of our customers' purchase preferences and willingness to pay.”

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Atenga Insights is a fast-growing, global company that is challenging the pricing consulting industry. Using our unique proprietary PDA™ technology, we identify the price and positioning that will generate higher sales and profits for our clients.