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Event: how to set the right price on your product or service – Stockholm seminar

Today, many companies demand faster and increased profitability. This in the wake of inflation, limited access to resources and unrest in Europe.

Many have already adjusted their prices and are thinking about the next step, others are currently thinking about how a price adjustment can affect growth, turnover and profitability.

Working only with growth is often no longer enough. Does it feel relevant? Welcome to a seminar with Helge Gjerstad, who has experience in pricing and business intelligence since 1996.

What are the effects of an increase in price?

During the lecture, you will get an insight into:

What will be the effects of a price increase?

How you can develop your own sales and profitability by starting from the customers’ willingness to pay.

Which pricing methods are most effective for you and your business.

Common pricing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Questions and answers with real life examples

Join us at Epicenter - Stockholm

It is completely free to attend the seminar (and it is in English), we even offer coffee and a snack. You register here:

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