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The Punishing Precision of Price Walls – new article by Founder Robert Tinterov

Don’t be punished by the precision of price walls; instead identify where they exist for your company and products and leverage that information to the utmost.

A price wall is a two-faced strategy, however; get closer to the lower side and get the best value; However, even a small gap in the high end and you can immediately suffer a penalty of 10% or more in the group volume.

How will I know? I am the CEO of a global price analysis company called Atenga Insights, based in Stockholm and greater Los Angeles, which has done almost 1,000 different price analyzes for some of the biggest names. and a variety of industries including travel, tourism, entertainment, sports, education, home improvement and consumer goods. In fact, the data does not lie now with the added value of intelligence that helps to interpolate the results.

We aim to be pricing experts and enhance businesses decisions. 

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