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Our priceanalyser for retailer - Getting the most out of your pricing strategy

Don’t miss out on profits you should rightfully earn.

Customers act when the price is right! Instead of pricing to competitors or using gut feel, we’ll tell you the price that leads to higher sales and profit.
Use us when:

  • You are launching new products or services;
  • You are entering a new market;
  • You are developing a communication campaign;
  • You are preparing a communication campaign
  • One of your products or services is not performing as well as you expected;
  • You fear that increasing your pricing will lead to loss of sales.
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Get actionable insights and ensure your price is at an optimal level. A good pricing strategy allows for an increase in revenue, profits and sometimes sales too

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Atenga Insights is a fast-growing, global company that is challenging the pricing consulting industry. Using our unique proprietary PDA™ technology, we identify the price and positioning that will generate higher sales and profits for our clients.