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The world’s largest insurance service organization was experiencing its fifth year of declining sales.  With offices in nearly every country in the world, the company was regularly beaten for deals by much smaller, competitors who served the local markets where the service was actually delivered.

For this custom project, we measured the market’s willingness to pay against specific value drivers. Many large customers perceived our client as a likely source for innovation and support, but were disappointed. They would however pay a 20%-35% premium to a services vendor that could show them better ways to manage their claims processes, improve customer service and reduce the costs of processing claims in a strategic way.

The company drove an aggressive expansion & innovation strategy in order to fully meet its clients needs.  Now able to position itself as a strategic partner, the organisation won 35% more local engagements and was subsequently rated the #1 rated service provider for emergency services.

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Atenga Insights is a fast-growing, global company that is challenging the pricing consulting industry. Using our unique proprietary PDA™ technology, we identify the price and positioning that will generate higher sales and profits for our clients.