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Specialized Software Provider

A specialized software provider had just released a product with significantly greater capabilities. The company’s pricing strategy so far had been deal-driven, so it was inconsistent, with wide variances in what similar customers were paying for similar services. Management believed the company was leaving significant money “on the table” and it had no criteria for pricing the new capabilities. Further, the company was anticipating explosive growth and even an IPO, and its pricing policies needed to withstand public and regulatory scrutiny.

We measured how various segments of the market – brokers, state and federal regulators – used the product in significantly different ways, and achieved vastly different returns on their investment. The single most important differentiator was the level of aggregation each segment required.

Overall, sales grew more than 35% in the 12 months following the project. Sales in some segments skyrocketed as the tailored access methods appealed to buyers who had not previously used our client’s services. Sales in other segments languished and the company deployed customer insight to find the causes and remedy them.


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